Cityhub 3:55 update for iOS

March 04, 2016.

Cityhub 3:55 update for iOS is live and set to App Store. In short we will list all the innovations it brings, and if you have not yet tried out the application, now is the perfect time for it.

The overall layout has improved, so you can have a better experience while using the application, and with Turn-by-turn navigation at any time you can check out the fastest route to your destination. All with just one application.

Each of the cities are defining their own menu, but also dynamic templates stacked looks articles, which we further simplify the use of, or the possibility that each city Cityhub formed against them and their citizens.

We believe that this option is very important for cities, since each of them has a diferent story, but the way in which access to its citizens, and that this step is an important consideration when you personalize each of them.

The application itself now require less space on your device, which also not reducing its performance (which is also improved) in any way.


Also, with all this we have corrected and occasional bugs that are able to sneak through.

Of course, CityHub is still constantly developing, to every city and citizen and numerous advantages that the application carries.

And to stay up to date with everything that we prepare, feel free to follow CityHub on the Facebook page.

While the same can be downloaded via:


Google Play