CityHub new functionality

December 21, 2015.

Cityhub modular system combines all the city services at one place got a new functionality on its website. In fact, as we arrive each day more and more new applications communal problems, but also to the potential applications slowly recognized among cities and their citizens, there has been a step forward.

The above-mentioned new functionality which Cityhub system boasts actually his extended arm that allows everyone, not just those where the system is available to accompany the application and solve communal problems of any city above system.

Just go to the website Cityhub's, select the statistics and you will get this screen:


What will you see first is map, and so-called pins that indicate all the cities that are in CityHub system.

Below the map is visiblethe total number of cities in the system, the total number of registered utility issues, as well as a percentage of their determination, which is actually an excellent statistical indicator.

In addition, it is also possible to see the last few detailed reports and more importantly, they are visible in real time.

Why exactly this functionality?

Application is available only in certain cities of our beautiful country, so we wanted to show its potential to all. With help of this functionality this is more than possible. In particular, any citizen can easily keep track of registered communal issues, see which cities are the most active, while it is equally possible to view statistics reports for each city system, which we consider a great advantage.

The statistical data can be accessed via the link:, and in the end we invite all who try to let us know your thoughts.