How to maintain status of smart city

February 01, 2017.

London works very hard to maintain status of a smart city. Technology market is the largest in Europe and the value is about 19 million pounds.

As the largest city in Europe, London is trying to encourage other cities to join him in a "smart" future.

When it comes to energy, London trying to make the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources, in particular due to the reduction of environmental pollution, but also cleaner air in the city. How this is done? With the help of a number of solar panels, as well as incentives to all those who decide to put them in their possession.

In London energy is very important. Also water, as a source of life. For this reason, London continuously working to improve water supply in terms of work on smart readings, sensors that emerge and at least leakage in the system. This is particularly important because the need for water is constantly increasing.

Also it is clear that another problem that this city faces is heavy traffic. It can be said that traffic is one of the most developed sectors of the city. Transport relies heavily on the collection of data, but also smart technology that optimizes the flow of traffic to avoid the crowds.


In addition to these areas, it is also important to state here health. When it comes to London, the life expectancy of citizens is increasingly being extended, and in favor of it going and growing investment just in this sector. Through all contemporary medical devices can constantly monitor the overall condition of the body, collect items all performed examinations, and keep statistics on the state of the organism.

However, in London believe that the share of such projects, as well as investments in the development of smart city is still not enough, and that the full potential of the city has not yet been used. For this reason, continues to work continuously on the development and projects that would complete the picture of London as a smart city in Europe.

Author: Andrea Perković