Vrbovsko and Našice in CityHub system

November 16, 2015.

Cityhub is richer for two more cities. These cities are Vrbovsko and Našice who have joined in October this year.

We are very glad that the mayor Krešimir žagar and Dražen Mufić recognized the potential that Cityhub brings their cities.

The Cityhub as a business information system for the cities, serves as a collaborative tool between citizens and the city administration. With the help of two-way communication can solve communal problems as soon as possible.

In addition to module used for community policing, Cityhub has two additional modules that comprise the city's news and city guides to help citizens with all necessary information to find out with the help of just one application.

The application is for the citizens, of course, free, and now you can download it for iOS and Android platforms.


We invite all citizens to download the application, and to share their experience with us.