With two-way communication to the smartest city in the world

January 18, 2017.

Stockholm, as another example of smart city that we are gonna present. Stockholm is very early started to care about the environment, and an interesting fact is that since 1990., carbon dioxide emissions decreased by as much as 25%.

The city grew very rapidly, which is facing a great challenge to keep it eco aware, but the stable area, what is actually here constantly working. The project, which is realized, and very successfully, call GrowSmarter, while their vision in 2040. To become the smartest city in the world. Given the current situation in which there are, we believe that this goal could be achieved.

Before reaching such a high level, it is necessary to do much more. To start the long term to improve transportation within the city, and promote the means of transport such as the bicycle and public transportation which would further decreased polution in the air, and at the same time reducing traffic jams.


During the construction of building facilities working on how to minimize harmful materials used, and not only materials, but also a way of building continuously adapt and make it more environmentally friendly.

Also, special attention is given to energy saving, as well as the proper classification and disposal. It is safe to say that Stockholm leaves nothing to chance. As well as the city works on ecological stability, here are involved and people who at any time can give suggestions, but also participate in the realization of certain projects.

Here we can see the importance, but also high efficiency two-way communication, and how the "little" man can make a significant change in the city.

Author: Andrea Perković